A Case of the Mondays…and Weekly Salads No. 1





Every Monday, at the beginning of each work week, I tell myself that this is the day that I begin to, once and for all, eat and live right. Of course, by mid-week, I’m like, “bacon is good for you, right?”

So, to keep myself on track, I’m going to try to post a healthy salad on Mondays now. My first salad is made of red grapefruit segments, avocado (I used Hass), sliced shallots – served with a basic vinaigrette [3 parts extra virgin olive + 1 part red wine vinegar + dijon mustard + S&P].

I like the contrast of the acid and tart flavors of the grapefruit with the rich, fatty taste of avocado. When I first made this for Pierre, he declared it a Top 10 item. A man after my own heart, I tell ya. It’s simple, seasonal and sexy. The 3 s’s.

Bon appétit!