Weekly Salads 8 and 9: Fava Beans with Pecorino and Parsley / Sugar Snap Peas with Tangelo




I complain/gripe/rant about Michigan a LOT. Pierre simply tunes me out most days. When I tell him that it was well over 75F the other day in Huntington Beach, I get little more than a shrug. Well, I’ve got two words for him – Flip Flops. They are awesome and I wore them until the plane landed in Detroit. Now, I’m typing this looking like Asian Southpark wearing a snow cap, two sweaters and sweatpants. Yes, pity, pity me. At least I mustered enough energy to make two salads (since I missed last week’s because there is little coverage in the snow stormed area of the Grand Canyon).
    The first salad is made with fresh fava beans that I found at ZZ Produce in Ypsilanti, Michigan. At this rather unassuming store, (okay, let’s be honest — little shack) one can find fresh fava beans, yucca, tamarind, Ya Li Pears, opo squash, okra, culantro (saw tooth herb) and so many other fruits and vegetables. Inside, I saw local Latino, Asian and Middle Eastern folks waiting in line to purchase their goods. I think it’s great to see such a diverse group of people in one small store that does little or no advertising save for a somewhat dilapidated sign near the front of the store.
      After preparing the fava beans for this salad, I’ve come to view the task of shucking and shelling them as fun as listening to K-Fed sing and having my appendix removed AT THE SAME TIME. But was it worth it? I’m supposed to say yes, and I will. Pretty darn good is my estimation. I love all sheep’s milk cheeses and pecorino is always lovely. I think fresh mint would also be nice here. Some recipes suggest leaving the beans raw but I decided to warm them in some roasted garlic oil before tossing with the pecorino, flat leaf parsley and fleur de sel.







      I know people who dislike green beans but love sugar snap peas. I don’t associate with such misguided people normally, but I’m willing to extend a branch of friendship with this salad. Sugar snap peas are finally coming into season and this is a simple salad with quickly-sauteéd peas, sliced minneola tangelos and toasted almonds. Serve with a dijon vinaigrette [dijon + 3 parts olive oil + 1 part red wine vinegar+ S&P].

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      Bon appétit!