Poppies, Wildflowers and a Sweet Show




In my opinion, part of the fun in reading blogs is getting to peak inside (or outside) the world of people you might not normally encounter or get to know. Reading food blogs is especially interesting because it opens you up to culinary ideas and concepts that you might not have considered or perhaps even shunned — like grilling food in the snow (!) or making mayonnaise without killing someone.

I also like seeing food bloggers’ world outside of their kitchen. After drooling over WhiteOnRiceCouple‘s photos, especially those from their recent trip to Antelope Valley and Jen‘s National Geographic-esque portfolio , I’ve found a bit of inspiration to photograph some purty flowers too. Below are photos of poppies off the 15 Frwy in Orange County, California and wildflowers at Joshua Tree National Park.


California Poppies in Orange County

2008 Wildflowers Joshua Tree


In other news, Pierre and I were honored to be included in the 2008 Festifools Photography Show, organized by über cool photographer Myra Klarman. A reception was held last weekend to celebrate the opening of the show. The photographs will be on display at Sweetwaters (Washington Street location) through May.


Sweetwaters Festifool





15 Responses to “Poppies, Wildflowers and a Sweet Show”

  1. MKP Says:

    Hi Christine,

    Wow, I don’t think anyone has ever called me über cool before. If it’s true, then you and Pierre are certainly über, über cool! I really like your photomontage of the reception. Thanks for coming and for making the event such a success!


  2. Jen Yu Says:

    Those are fantastic photos you captured and of my favorite subject: wildflowers!! I never tire of CA poppies. V. cool about your show too – exciting 🙂 To say that we inspired you is flattering, but I honestly think you’d have cranked out these lovelies with or without us! And the last shot is desert gold. They blanket the floor of Death Valley at the southern end during a good bloom season:

  3. Luna Pier Cook Says:

    I like other blogs because they give me something to be jealous about. For instance, why can’t we have hills and flowers like there here in the L.P.? They’ve got them in the U.P., but only maybe two weeks out of the year … 😉

    Congrats on the Festifools gig! I didn’t make it there this year … maybe next time.

  4. gottabkd Says:

    Inspiration comes from many sources and reminds us to be inspired.
    You, your pictures and your recipes inspire me to take better pictures, create more recipes and just be a better me 😉
    Thanks and congrats!

  5. Alejandra Says:

    These photos are all so gorgeous…

  6. summerswallow Says:

    the last photo is so beautiful!

  7. Fearless Kitchen Says:

    These photos are stunning…. Congratulations on being included in the photography show!

  8. holybasil Says:

    Myra – Thanks to you and everyone else – the reception was great and we’ll be sportin’ those t-shirts as soon as it’s warm — it needs to be at least 75F to be warm for me — 🙂

    Jen – Thanks for the links of your desert gold – they’re awesome. I love the snow-capped mountains in the background too. I’ll fix the caption now 🙂

    LunaPierCook – Oh, thanks. It was the first time I got to check out the parade. I think next year, we’ll dress the part too 🙂

    Gottbkd – Thanks and cheers 🙂

    Alejandra – Grazie 🙂

    summerswallow – thanks!

    Fearless Kitchen – Thanks so much 🙂

  9. Wandering Chopsticks Says:

    You make me feel bad for not going out to see the poppies. Yours is the third blog I’ve seen. I love that top shot with the waves of poppies extending over the mountain. But wait, I don’t consider myself a Californian so I guess it’s OK? I’ve never toured a mission either. 😛

  10. Wandering Chopsticks Says:

    Dude! I suck! The first thing I should have said was congrats on your show! Where were my manners? But you know I meant it, even if I didn’t say it, right? 🙂

  11. Warda Says:

    Wow. All I can say is WOW! Both to you and Pierre. But then, you are both Awesome photographers. Bisous Ma cherie.

  12. holybasil Says:

    WC – oh, thanks! We’re really jazzed about the show.

    You don’t consider yourself a Californian? Oh, c’mon, you know you wanna be…. 🙂

    Warda – Oh, thanks! But you know Pierre is the real deal 🙂

  13. White on Rice Says:

    Congratulations guys! Your photographs are so inspirational!
    I’m waiting for the “Holy Basil” exhibit of food and photographs to head down to California! I’ll be the first in line to buy tickets!

    Your poppy pics are soo pretty, they’re open an smiling! I suppose when the poppies found out that we were coming, they called in the wind to hide from us!

  14. Tartelette Says:

    Congratulations on the photo expo! All the shots are just wonderful!

  15. andrea Says:

    I wish we could have seen the show at Sweetwaters. It is a long drive. How did it go? My dad told me how funny it was to watch you roll around the poppies along the edge of the freeway. Pierre isn’t the only one who sacrifices bodily comfort (or dignity – or even safety for that matter) for a good shot. But isn’t that the fun of it? BTW, as for sunny CA weather, here it is Memorial Day weekend and we had a heavy, cold rainstorm including hail and a tornado in a neighboring town. That on the heels of 100 degree temps the previous week. Go figure.

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