Weekly Salad 11: Sauté of Watercress with Apple and Bacon




I like to order sautéed watercress or pea shoots at Chinese restaurants. When properly cooked, they seem to taste sweeter and so palatable that I can easily eat one or two bundles of watercress in one sitting. Would that keep me regular? Whatever. Today’s salad is a quickie with watercress that is quickly sautéed [I bruised a whole garlic clove and added it to the oil – and removed it after cooking it along with the watercress] and served with crispy bacon and fresh apple slices. A strong, mustardy vinaigrette was delicious drizzled over the salad. Dare I say that it’s also low carb?


Bon appétit!



5 Responses to “Weekly Salad 11: Sauté of Watercress with Apple and Bacon”

  1. Warda Says:

    I feel healthier just by looking at your picture. Minus the bacon, this salad is just what I need! Merci Christine! What kind of vinegar do you like to use in a mustard vinaigrette?
    BTW, how is your red wine vinegar doing? And did you hear the vinegar lady from Detroit on Splendid Table about two or three weeks ago? Sorry! She didn’t mention you 😉

  2. holybasil Says:

    Salut Warda,
    Thanks! I’m glad you like the salad – moins le porc 🙂
    I often use a regular red wine vinegar that I get from Trader Joe’s. I like the Maille moutarde, but the one that’s labeled “fort” is not “fort” enough for me. (It’s not as hot as the ones sold in France, I think). Anyway, I actually like Grey Poupon’s dijon – not as good as my preferred French moutarde but pretty good. My vinegar is coming along! A new mother has formed on top and it smells very vinegar-y 🙂 I haven’t bottled/used any of it yet, but soon, I hope. I’ll be sure to share the love witcha, bien sûr! And yes, I did hear Kim Adams on NPR. It was great to hear her voice, which I recognized immediately. Thank you for reminding me – I’ve been meaning to mention that here.
    Biz, christine

  3. Jen Says:

    Bacon… mmmmmmm! Nothing goes wrong with bacon. That is one lovely salad. Please don’t tell me our dear Pierre is losing weight. If so, I will send pounds of chocolate and baked pastries pronto! 😉 xxoo

  4. holybasil Says:

    Jen – Luckily, Pierre is not losing weight – he is the exact same twig since I met him. It’s not that I’d like to see him sportin’ a beer belly or anything. All’s I’m askin’ for is a love handle or two. Is that too much to ask?

    Seriously though, thank you so much for the offer of chocolate and pastries – we will surely take you up on the offer!

  5. White On Rice Couple Says:

    Yummy and it’s even better that it’s low carb. Now lets move on to your awesome chicken dish…

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