Joshua Tree and Crossroads Cafe




We recently took a trip to Joshua Tree National Park and got a chance to watch the sunrise there. It was a clear day with hardly any wind. As we were walking into the park, I think we were both struck by the stillness and tranquilty we found. It was a beautiful place to be and we were happy to start our trip to the Wild West there. We ran into one of the park rangers and got to talking about what places he likes to go for breakfast or lunch. He suggested the Crossroads Cafe and Tavern down the road as it was one of his and the other rangers’ favorite places.




When we arrived, we could see why it was. It seemed like a place that you can find locals and out of towners enjoying some very appealing dishes. I really enjoyed the interior and exterior decorations. Though it’s not a part of the decor, I also liked the ‘Donkey For Sale’ sign posted on the outside of the restaurant 🙂 Inside, it had fun, quirky and relaxed atmosphere where you order at the front and they’ll call your name out to find where you’re seated and serve you your food. We ordered a cheesesteak and chicken sandwich that each came with some mesclun salad on the side. Afterwards, we headed a few doors down to the Beatnik Cafe for some iced coffee. Pierre was his usual, genial self and right away made friends with a local artist that was hanging out there. We would have like to have stayed to hear the band that was going to play that night but we had to continue on our trip. They’ll always be next time.

Our next stop – The Grand Canyon. Stay tuned for more from our trip.


14 Responses to “Joshua Tree and Crossroads Cafe”

  1. socialclimber Says:

    the tavern just looks like a neat place to sit around at, during high noon … sipping on some cold cocktail. yum!

  2. Jen Says:

    You know, there is something really exhilarating about the west. I love the high desert – the dry air and the warm sun (in winter!). My first backpack was in JT. It was just an overnight, but the skies were clear (as always) and the moon was full and the air smelled delicious and clean. Enjoy the drive out to GC – should be gorgeous. xxoo

  3. T-shirts - London Says:

    Some fantastic pictures you took.

  4. bLyonPhilipps Says:

    I grew up not far from there, have not been home since 94′ and will be coming that way in May…thanks for the beautiful pictures…can’t wait to be back in the monument! Hopefully the flower will be in bloom!

  5. Warda Says:

    Pierre and you must be in photography heaven. Those photos are gorgeous and breathtaking! For how much was the donkey? Was there some kind of a deal: buy one get one free! If so, bring me one 😉

  6. Alberto Duarte Says:

    Woah, I know Josuah Tree very well. I live in New York City now and how I miss the desert area of California! J tree is breathtaking.

  7. Wandering Chopsticks Says:

    You know, I’ve never been to Joshua Tree although I’ve been meaning too. Enjoy the Grand Canyon. I was at the West Rim this past summer and it was gorgeous!

  8. White On Rice Couple Says:

    Love the fantastic photography!! Especially the smooching shadow picture! Boy, when you get out of Michigan you guys really go nuts!! What the hell are you doing living in Michigan anyway?

  9. Irene Says:

    I’ve just discovered your blog, and wow. Your photography is amazing! It is so perceptive and has a great sense of energy, and every picture tells a story. It’s lovely and thank you for sharing it.

  10. VegeYum Says:

    I am in love with your photos. Great.

  11. Jen Says:

    Christine! I’ve tagged you yet again. You’re going to start thinking that you’re my only friend 😉 ha ha ha

  12. Tartelette Says:

    What an amazine set of photography! My eyes are full and happy!

  13. holybasil Says:

    socialclimber – Yes, I agree, even in winter, a cold cocktail is something we can have in southern Calif.
    Jen- I would’ve love to stay overnight in JT! I hear the star gazing can be fabulous.
    T-shirts London – Thank you!
    bLyonPhilipps- The wildflowers are just phenomenal this season. I sure hope you’ll get to see some in May too.
    Salut Warda- If there wasn’t a livestock restriction on airlines, you know I’d bring you a donkey! 🙂
    Alberto Duarte – NYC and JT are two different worlds, aren’t they?
    Wandering Chopsticks – I hope you get a chance to go out there soon – the wildflowers were just breathtaking. By the way, did you go on the Skywalk?
    WhiteonRice-haha – nuts doesn’t begin to describe us 😉
    Irene- Thank you for your kind comments.
    Veganyum- Thank you!
    Jen – Thanks for the tag – Indeed, I was just thinking that I was your only friend – ha! Really, I am the one *bowing* and *waving arms* 🙂
    Tartelette – merci bc 🙂

  14. Wandering Chopsticks Says:

    Wildflowers in the desert? Really? I’ll have to check it out soon then.

    Nope, didn’t do the Skywalk. Went skydiving the day before and the fee for the Skywalk just seemed so high in comparison. Especially when they didn’t allow photos. Did you go?

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