Tea Time




Ever since the time I had afternoon tea at the Savoy Hotel in London a few years ago, I’ve wanted to recreate that experience here. I wanted dainty cucumber and egg salad sandwiches. I wanted clotted cream and scones and biscuits. I wanted fragrant tea served from silver tea pots and jam with buttery biscuits. And I wanted a haughty, snotty waiter in full penguin tux to place the napkin on my lap.

Fast forward to this past Sunday, 3pm. People are arriving any minute and I’m not ready as-per-usual. I’m scurrying across the living room hiding our junk into every corner and crevice of our home. I haven’t finished preparing the sandwiches and then, as I open the box where I keep my dainty ceramic teapot, I find it broken in half. Major bummer, lemme tell ya. [Note to self: Have an intact teapot/vessel before planning a tea party.]

Of course, the pressure was on because I wasn’t having my regular, thuggy group of friends over. Sorry, John 😉 I was to be in the company of a few fabulous food bloggers from Southeast Michigan. Warda, of 64SqFtKitchen, brought her big smile and a most exquisite platter of her Chocolate Sparklers and Rose Jam Stars. From Shayne of Fruitcakeornuts, there was a beautiful Jelly Roll with raspberry and lemon curd. From MothersKitchen, we had dainty (yay for dainty!) Coconut Mini Cupcakes. From the Farmersmarketer, we had perfect heart-shaped scones and her prize-winning Raspberry and Rose Jam as well as her Strawberry jam. My tea sandwiches were made with Flo’s eggs (+ my homemade mayonnaise) and a wonderful pain de mie from Café Japon – thank you Miyoko! Where all this fits into my ARP, I can’t tell you. But take a look, don’t you wish you also had friends in high places? 🙂




We got to know each other a bit and talked about how we got into this blogging thing. While we may have started for slightly different reasons, we all enjoy it immensely. We all have very similar taste in television chefs too – we seem to like and highly dislike the same ones. And apparently, some of us have the same, exact taste in cameras:




Thank you all for a lovely time and thank you for bearing the frigid cold in and outside our home. You know, I found that hosting a gathering of highly talented food bloggers is cool and radical because the following day, you get to enjoy the best Goûter of the Year:




edit: it was the best goûter minus Warda‘s chocolate sablés and jam stars, thanks to a certain hubby. Ahem.



11 Responses to “Tea Time”

  1. Jen Says:

    Now that is one lovely spread of teatime treats! I love the photo of the cameras especially 🙂 Glad you had a great time. Sounds perfect with so many talented cooks.

  2. Warda Says:

    Bonjour Christine, I am sorry about your tea pot! You didn’t tell us! But even without it we had a lot of fun and you were just perfect. Who cares if the vaccuum cleaner was sitting next to us when you have scrumptious tea sandwiches? And the menu of Cafe Japon sounds too dangerous for me! I will have to check it out next time I’m in Ann arbor.

  3. Shayne Says:

    I had a blast and I am looking forward to to next time we will get together. Thank you.

  4. Mom Says:

    It was good to meet you all and thanks for having me….see you in the summer.

  5. Pierre Says:

    Sorry Baby, I just could not resist those awesome Sables… 😉

  6. holybasil Says:

    Jen – Thanks – it was all the work of my fellow blogger guests!
    Salut Warda – I know…it was just one more thing I messed up! We’ll have to check out Café Japon sometime for sure. The owner, Miyoko is just wonderful and her bread is awesome.
    Shayne – Thanks – we’ll definitely have to get together soon 😉
    Momskitchen – See you in the summer 🙂
    Pierre – d’accord…

  7. Alejandra Says:

    What a wonderful idea!! I am the same as you before a party–running about like a madwoman. I need to find myself some lovely food blogger friends in New York to have tea with!

  8. White On Rice Couple Says:

    Looks like you had everything you wanted except for the “snotty waiter in full penguin tux”. Ya gotta dress someone up to play that role for ya. Who could volunteer to do that next time?

  9. aforkfulofspaghetti Says:

    What a fabulous tea party – and what a lovely bunch of folk you are! I wish I could have been there… Do let me know if you’re ever in London again.

  10. holybasil Says:

    Alejandra- Thanks! I hope you do get together with others – so much fun 🙂
    WhiteOnRiceCouple- Hmmmm…maybe my hubby?
    aforkfulofspaghetti- Thanks – you’d always be welcome here in Ann Arbor 🙂 And yes, I’ll let you know if we ever go to London and check out some of the places you’ve mentioned on your blog!

  11. Ellen Says:

    Gosh, you people are fun!

    Now I want a tea party…………..

    Darjeeling anyone?


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